Hello Our Coyotes, We know... long time no news. Ok it's been a long cold winter, but it's almost over & boy do we have BIG NEWS!!! FIRST OFF, we're back in the studio recording a brand new CD! It's gonna be leaner, meaner, bigger, badder... just the way you like it. We've got great new songs (real smokers) and we're really excited to get them out to you. So far, so HOT!!! Look for a release later this Spring & don't worry, we'll let you know when it's coming! ON THE LIVE FRONT, we're booking shows for 2011 and have some great ones already planned. To stay up to date, click the "Shows" button... over there... on your left... yep that one! Do it now & do it often... There are many more coming & we'll add them as they come in. NOW HERE'S HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED: If you'd like to have Coyote Kings come play your town, please tell your favorite event or venue to give us a shout. We'll love you even MORE than we already do! It's easy, our contact info is right here on the site! 2011 looks to be a year full of LARGE times! We hope you love our new CD & that we get to come play for you. May your 2011 be as exciting as ours is shaping up to be! We love you very much! CK

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