TA DAH!!! The long awaited third offering from the new and improved Coyote Kings (now w/Mush), "Move" is out now! It's so brand new that not all of the reviews are in, but here's what some have to say about it... "They say third time's a charm & "Move," the third offering from Coyote Kings & first with Michelle "Mush" Morgan, is definitely charmed. That "Rockin' Blues & Bluesy Rock ~ Smokin' Hot!" band from Walla Walla has outdone themselves with this stunner. When you take the writing skills of Robin Barrett & Curtis Johnson, the solid playing of Rob, Curtis, Tim, & Mike & add Mush Morgan's amazing vocals to the mix, the result is downright world-class. From the rollicking barrel-house groove of "Wanna Come Home," to the tough, driving, lustful moans of "Lil Sumpmm Sumpmm," to the ode to the weekend warrior "Think It's The Good Life," & the ultimate slide guitar propelled driving song, "Blacktop Never Stop," Barrett shows why he's regarded as one of the top Blues & Roots writers currently making music. Curtis "Rocket" Johnson surprises us with his superbly soulful vocals and writing, in his two offerings, the straight-up power Blues "Upside Down Inside Out" & "Downtown." How can a song have a tough Texas groove and feel good, almost euphoric dreaminess at the same time? Not sure, but "Downtown" delivers this amazing quality. You'll wish it went on for hours. I think you'll agree that it's about time Mr Johnson "stepped out from behind the drums!" And now Mush Morgan... Coyote Kings' "Queen of Blue-eyed Soul," Michelle "Mush" Morgan, shows her jaw-dropping vocal skills on seven songs on Move; The heart-wrenching melodrama "Only Love I Know," the funk-in-your-face come-on "All Tangled Up," her sultry infatuation on "Drive Me," and powerful singing on "Everything Changes," along with her fantastic cover of "Get Ready," are a the icing on the cake that is Coyote Kings w/Mush Morgan's "Move." It's rare these days when every song on an album is great, but... every song on Move is... well... great! Gonna be hard to pick a favorite... they're all awesome." ~ anonymous "The CD ROCKS! In fact the WWBS liked it so much we sent it to the International Blues Challenge for Best Self-Produced CD!" ~ Patty Keys, President, Walla Walla Blues Society. "So, lucky me, I got a pre-release CD & it is THE BEST!!!!! I danced my ass off for an hour! Can't stop listening to this awesome CD. Curtis doin' Downtown is sexy, Mush singing All Tangled Up, Only Love I Know & Everything Changes...well, talk about HOT!!! Robin has done an amazing job writing & recording, Mondo Mike & Tim Dallas are at their best with guitars in hand. This CD sounds like they are LIVE in your house! I love you all and thank you so much for your fantastic music!" ~ S. Clarke, Our dear friend & super fan. How 'bout THEM apples! And here's where you'll find it: Warning: If you listen to the samples we know you're gonna need one or five (Christmas presents...) for your very own. We'll do our best to keep them in stock. Also... This is for those of you within traveling distance of Walla Walla. The Coyote Kings w/Mush Move CD release party is scheduled for 9pm, Oct 15, at Sapolil Cellars, 15 E Main, Walla Walla, WA. Sapolil boasts great wine and food, a full bar, & the best party atmosphere this side of the Mississippi. And as if the release of this monumental CD isn't enough, the syndicated travelogue show, Next Stop TV, will be there to film it!!! This is your chance to hear "Move" performed live, buy the CD, eat, drink, and be merry, AND... AND... maybe even be on TV!!! Last but not least... We want to invite you to join our group Coyote Kings' Big Fat Page on Facebook. It's a great big bunch of the coolest people on earth & we'd be even cooler if you're part of it! Well that's it, probably more than enough for now... oh wait... one more thing... We love you very much!!! Coyote Kings w/Mush Morgan

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